How To Play?

Choose your bet: odd or even. If you win, you will be paid 198%!
Payout = Amount of bet * 1.98, you will receive winnings after 1 confirmation.

Odd: address wallet 3AzzAmk7RQyqsuXLCBgwXyTojLnCr1SGBt
Even: address wallet 3KzMtBhsqYipJmtHVcTzbkJFqar9uFR5uo
Please use these addresses only!

  1. Copy the address odd 3AzzAmk7RQyqsuXLCBgwXyTojLnCr1SGBt or even 3KzMtBhsqYipJmtHVcTzbkJFqar9uFR5uo into your wallet.
  2. Send your bet amount from your wallet to the address copied.
  3. You can see your results on the table results on main page instantly.

If you won, you will receive the winning to your wallet after 1 confirmation.


  1. Only use wallet that can receive bitcoin.
    If you are not sure, test by sending a bet with the minimum amount (0.0001 btc). If you get nothing back, your wallet is not compatible. If you use a exchange or shared wallet, you will not receive the payout to your address as you do not have control of this address.
  2. Don't place more than one bet in one transaction! (bets will be combined into one bet).
  3. All transaction are available only one bitcoin cash address.
    If you send to multiple addresses on one transaction, only one address will be paid to.
  4. Minimum bet amount is 0.0001 btc , maximum is 0.001 btc. Amount bet below 0.0001 will not be returned, the one above 0.001 will be paid back after your request!
  5. House edge 1%.
  6. Fees of transaction 0.000002 btc. Wins = ( Bet * 1.98 )